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Creating a useful Intranet

Intranets are a mess, let's face it. They're most often a big dump of information that is more a legacy system than any other computer system within your organisation, that is if you have the traditional model of adding in new groups of pages then your model dates back to...

Crediting sources and copying content

This afternoon I found an interesting story on a games site which had an interview with the Director who was to be filming Halo, Neil Blomkamp. The site was Joystiq, who pointed to a site called Creativity Online who had the interview. It was a really interesting interview that talked...

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Richard Brunton
Age: 44
Where: Edinburgh
Job: Learning and learning systems, writer
Ons: Driving my S2000, Photography, Films, Home Cinema, Gaming, Wine, Food, Friends, Reading, Writing.
Offs: DIY, Paperwork, Ignorance, Bad customer service, Distractions during films, Selfishness.
Desires: My wish list of things I would like.
Quote: "Suck it up Princess"

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